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den könnt ihr natürlich bei uns gerne vorbestellen.

Discover our new accessible EN B wing.
The new BuzzZ7 is an evolution of the highly popular Buzz series with a number of refinements aimed at improving its flight characteristics whilst retaining the same level of passive safety. The Z7 delivers all of the legendary ease of use the Buzz is known for with the highest level of efficiency, speed, and glide we have produced in this class.  ­

We retained the same choice of materials for their proven reliability but the lower lines are now fully sheathed and colour-coordinated with Ozone’s new risers for easier launch preparation.Sail weight is practically unchanged from the previous version in order to retain excellent inflation in all situations.  Glider specifications

Standard colours  In spite of the large number of technical improvements we managed to keep the price of the BuzzZ7 at a similar level to its predecessor, thus making this wing (we hope) an even more attractive proposition.