The airy experience for old and young

Discover the breathtakingly beautiful landscape around the Kössener Unterberghorn. Make your Kaiserwinkl vacation experience even more impressive and accentuate it with unforgettable impressions and moments out of the bird’s eye perspective.

Our certified tandem pilots take care of videos so that you can simply enjoy and relax while you are gliding, collecting memories!

* No prior knowledge is required *

No matter what time of year you go on vacation here, each one has its own special charm. Whether in the glistening snow, in lush spring greens or colorful, earthy autumn leaves …

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Tandem flight procedure

Meeting place

We usually meet at our store for a coffee and take the cable car up the mountain top. Make sure to add a bit of extra time prior your tandem appointment, that way we can talk about questions you might have in advance. You will also meet your pilot then.

Terms and Conditions

In order for you to have full insurance coverage, it is necessary to read and sign our terms and conditions before take-off. Your pilot will hand it out and explain the content to you before the start.


In a short briefing before take-off, we go through the routine to make the flight process even more safe. Please let us know if you have any health concerns or issues, so we can prepare for it in advance.


Just run for a few steps and off we go from the take-off site. It’s important to keep running until we’re off the ground entirely, not sitting down too early. You will see, even starting is easy!


Immediately afterwards you sit in your harnessed passenger seat, almost as comfortable as in your living room chair in „pole position“. Now you can enjoy the wonderful view, relax and let the many new impressions work their magic. For those who look for a special thrill, let us surprise you! If you want, we can do some acrobatic maneuvers that expose you to centrifugal forces like when riding in a really good roller coaster.


For you as a passenger, the landing is a piece of cake. If the wind is moderate and comes from the front, we land gently, almost like a feather. All you have to do is stretch out your legs and you gently land while sitting on the landing field.



The material must also meet our high requirements, which is why we only use equipment from the best manufacturers. With an age limit of 3 years, we set our own standards that go far beyond the legal requirements.
We place great value and importance on securing our guests, so it goes without saying that we have taken out all the necessary insurance.

Safety First

We place great value and importance on securing our guests, so it goes without saying that we have full insurance coverage.


A true safety criterion, which also requires a lot of experience, is the WEATHER. Of course, we only fly at absolutely safe conditions, reducing any risk to the minimum. Sometimes this means that we have to cancel flights on a seemingly beautiful, sunny day – when the wind is changing. We are just making sure to always land safely and we can all enjoy the flights to the fullest.


Untersberg Kössen


The flight area Kössen – Unterberghorn is probably one of the most famous and best spots for paragliding and hang-gliding in Europe. Being amongst THE HOTSPOTS in the world, venue for European and state championships in paragliding and hang gliding, mount Unterberghorn has gained a worldwide reputation in the competitive air-sporting community.
At the location Unterberghorn people fly all year round. With 1,774 meters at the summit, the mountain is one of the highest in the district of Kitzbühel. The take-off site at 1,500 meters can be easily reached with the Unterberghorn cable car all year round, apart from short seasonal breaks. Many Hike & Fly pilots walk up during those periods.

From the top station it is only a 3 minute walk to the take-off site, which is located next to the hut Bärenhütte. From up there the tandem passenger enjoys a great view of the Tyrolean Alpine surroundings and on good themal conditions also the neighboring Bavarian alps.

The Unterberg mountain is certainly worth a visit! Spectacular impressions of the Kaiserwinkl, the Kitzbühel Alps and the Tyrolean/ Bavarian mountain ranges are awaiting you. On nice days you can watch countless take-offs, manoeuvres and landings of paragliders and hang gliders.
What a heavenly, sensational encounter!


Tandem flights can be done throuout the year, apart from short cable car revision breaks. Please book your tandem flight with some lead time, usually 2 weeks in advance are good! Certainly, we will also try and book you in on a shorter notice, if possible.
All our tandem flight prices include Austrian VAT and an SD card with video(s) for you to take back home with you.

We ask for a telephone inquiry and booking under the Kaiser Air mobile number or via the contact sheet underneath (please click the link)

For details please contact us here:

Panoramic Flight

Ideal for beginners

Upon arrival at the top station, you will walk a few minutes to the paragliding take-off site.
You will be gliding for about 900 metres in altitude – enough time to enjoy being airbornthe, taking in all those scenic impressions from the bird’s eye perspective, while your tandem pilot highlights the hot spots of the area and the region. Our pilots „know it all“ – so go ahead and ask away of what you would like to know.

Air time approx. 30 min
Start: Unterberg Station
Price incl. VAT, cable car ticket and video € 159,-


High and higher

In good thermal conditions, you can feel the tremendous power and resourcefulness of the elements. On a good day, you can be lifted up very high and your experienced pilot and you will fly far beyond the peaks of the Alps. Who knows, sometimes we alomost get to touch the clouds. It will be an unforgettable experience and memory for you.
Enjoy the beautiful view far and further into the surrounding region and alpine region!

Flight time apporx. 45 min
Start: Unterberg station
Price incl. VAT, cable car ticket and video € 189,-


pure adrenaline

You would like to experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush, but consider a roller coaster ride pretty boring?
Then we recommend an action tandem flight!
In the beginning, this flight is similar to the thermal flight. Together with the tandem pilot, you first try to gain as much altitude as possible, and then fly some interesting maneuvers.
Take heart! – because we will certainly put a smile on your face!

Flight time apporx. 25 min
Start: Unterberg station
Price incl. VAT, cable car ticket and video 169,- €


The experience of a lifetime

You want to share a special and unforgettable experience with your partner?
Then a couple flight is just the right thing for you! Each passenger flies separately with one of our very experienced tandem pilots. Both paragliders take-off at the same time and the pilots will attempt to glide and descent side by side towards the valley. Your partner, who flies with the second tandem paraglider, will be gliding close to you most of the time in proximity and hearing distance. You can talk to each other during the flight and experience everything together. You will remember this shared experience for a long time, also due to the video(s) you will get to take back home with you!

Flight time approx. 30 min
Start: Unterberg station
Price incl. VAT, cable car 2 tickets and video € 380,-


for the couragous, young ones

For our couragous, younger guests with a bodyweight above 20 kg. For these flights we have specially trained staff and we only offer these in the best and calm flying conditions before noon after checking back with the pilot.

* Parental written approval and child consent is required *

Flight time approx. 30 min
Start: Unterberg station
Price incl. VAT, cable car 2 tickets and video € 99,-


for the whole family

The best moments are to be shared! This package is a panoramic flight and includes 1 adult and 1 child/ teenager up to 16 years of age. Required is a minimum body weight of 20 kg. Your parent/ child, who flies with the other tandem paraglider, will be gliding close to you most of the time in proximity and hearing distance. You can talk to each other during the flight and experience everything together. It will also be filmed, so you will able to remember this shared experience for a long time!

Flight time approx. 30 min
Start: Unterberg station
Price incl. VAT, cable car 2 tickets and video € 249,-


Please book your appointment!

We offer daily tandem flights throuout the year. Limitations and restrictions can only occure due to weather shifts and on revision/ operating hours of the cable car station Unterberghorn.

We always try to meet all appointment requests even at short notice. However, if it is for a special occasion, we ask you to add some lead time and make your booking(s) well in advance.
If the weather is not suitable for flying on the chosen day and/ or time, the appointment will be canceled and you can choose a new date free of charge.

For bookings in our store, the payment is made directly. We only accept cash payment!

You can send your inquiy on our contact sheet here:


Gifting „AirTime“ is fun, be it for a birthday or Christmas! And how much more fun it is to to gift unforgettable moments and emotions. Therefore, we also offer all our tandem paragliding flights as a voucher. You can even write a short message on the online voucher!
You can easily purchase the voucher(s) online. After receipt of your payment, your voucher will be sent to you by e-mail and is valid at any time.


In general, everyone can and is allowed to fly with us. Our wings allow a passenger’s weight ranging from 20 kg to 120 kg

Physical condition:
You should have a suitable physical condition to take-off safely. If you are not sure, please do get in touch in advance! We are happy to advise and inform you

Even in terms of age, there is almost no restriction. Anybody between 3 and 99 years is welcome, as long as there is consent!
So if you are in the above mentioned ranges and want to grab that „AirTime“ experience, there is basically nothing to stop you from flying with us!

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