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SKYMAXX _ titanparamotor with moster plus 185 unboxed

SkyMax Star 1450mm titanframe + Moster 185 MY20
E prop 130cm 3 blade propeller + supair paramotor harness
Unit from 09_2020 unboxed
Listprice unit 6.480 euro
VP – 5.200 euro
Light and strong Star by SkyMax is a new light and compact model paired with Vittorazi Moster engine (75kg of thrust) which weighs only 22kg. It is good both for beginners and experienced pilots and has a good performance characteristics. Vittorazi engines are well known as light and trouble-free paramotor engines and the Star frame is one of the lightest in it’s class, safe and durable. Combined together – they are a perfect match.
By default the Star+Moster kit includes Skymax Star frame, SkyMax soft fuel tank for 15l, Moster engine, propeller Helix 1,25 or 1,30, Vittorazi full throttle, harness SkyMax.
You can choose engine model, propeller and harness.



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